Mitigating risk is our business. 

Apache SafeSpace Solutions provide organizations with the approach necessary to minimize the risks of contagion and contamination through advanced, highly technical detection and decontamination systems. We utilize scientifically proven, engineered solutions to create products and services that help people get back to life.

Our Promise

We will always put performance and function above form, and we
will always put human safety and wellbeing above everything.

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We are committed to incorporating engineered solutions and PPE to address the most infinitesimally small risks. As we get back to life, these solutions will become the seat belts and airbags of our changed world.”

—  Mike Knigin, CEO, Apache Industrial Services

We’re obsessed with safety.

Over the years, we have worked to keep our craftsmen safe on the job by innovating engineered solutions and PPE. We established a strong internal culture centered around each person’s responsibility for safety. The result: one of the best safety records in the industry.


We give people confidence.

Our engineered solutions mitigate risk in an environment where the risks are changing from seen to unseen, and from episodic to continuous.


Function over form.

We engineer our products and solution sets to get the job done right: that means quality products and services executed efficiently and safely.

We’re driven to innovate solutions on the job and in life.

Whether it’s to keep our craftsmen on the field out of harm’s way or to protect people from microbial threats, we’re constantly looking for new, advanced technical solutions.


A division of

Apache Industrial Services

Apache Industrial Services is a leader in the industrial services industry and is recognized for keeping people safe. Apache is a $1 billion integrated fabrication, manufacturing, and services business with a 400,000 square-foot fabrication facility and 40 locations across the United States and Canada.

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